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Planning Method for Assembly Pipeline before Installation


Assembly Line is an indispensable part of a factory, and the layout before the natural establishment has become a major foundation.

One aspect of assembly line layout needs to be considered is the mode of production. To determine the mode of production, the following points should be made clear:

The production program refers to the variety, specifications, output and progress plan of the products that an enterprise should produce in the planned period. The planning period is usually one year, so it is also commonly referred to as the annual production program.

2. Work system, which refers to working shifts and working hours of each shift.

3. The type of production line should consider whether to adopt automatic line or assembly line production, stand-alone production or cluster production.

If the pre-operation planning is reasonably arranged and the powerful function of assembly line is cooperated, the factory will be able to make great strides forward in the future.

In the pipeline equipment, the most critical parts should be motor, chain, reducer and other parts. Compared with other parts, these parts rarely need to be maintained. Of course, some basic maintenance methods we still need to understand, we will learn through assembly line manufacturers.

1. Never feed the motor into water, nor add diesel oil and liquid organic compounds to the motor, because this may lead to insulation damage and failure of the motor. The rest check the electrical manual for motor maintenance and maintenance.

2. Maintenance and maintenance methods of chain: after long-term operation, the chain may cause the original lubricating oil to heat and volatilize, which will lead to unbalance, noise increase and crawl during the chain operation. The belt assembly line manufacturer reminds us at this time that we can open the tail sealing plate and add butter or a bit of thick lubricant to the chain.

3. Maintenance and maintenance methods of pipeline head reducer: For the first time, the oil in reducer will be cleaned in about three months, and the reducer will be cleaned with diesel or gasoline. After cleaning, the new lubricant will be added to the middle of the observation window immediately. Pay attention to whether there is too little lubrication every month. In the future, the lubricant will be changed once a year. Too much lubricant may cause the gearbox to heat up, and too much motor load may cause the motor protection switch to jump off. Too little lubricating oil may cause the gearbox to heat up, noise increase and the gearbox to hang and scrap.

From the above three aspects to understand the maintenance of the nose, we will be able to maintain the assembly line nose. After the maintenance of the nose is improved, let's take a look at other parts of the industrial assembly line, such as chains, gearboxes and so on. Once we have a good understanding of them, we can operate smoothly as a whole.

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